VHSS Spooling System

VHSS Spooling System


The TMS-PF (Power Fleeting) is compatible with all Subsea Innovation Launch and Recovery Systems as well as a variety of other LARS and ROV systems. 

The TMS-PF is a proven design with over 20 units in operation worldwide. This unit is also available in a lightweight model or a fully stainless steel option. The TMS-PF is a reliable easily maintained system with proven success worldwide over several decades.

The system is designed to be cable friendly and lightweight sheaves guarantee that the minimum bend radius of the tether is not exceeded. The hydraulically driven power sheave is positioned at the exit of the tether to avoid any potential drive slippages.

The docking assembly incorporates two sets of latching fingers with one set being failsafe to prevent accidental dropping of the vehicle during launch and recovery. Subsea Innovation also design and manufacture the compensators and electrical junction boxes that are integral to the TMS.

These units can be fully fitted by Subsea Innovation or they can incorporate client control systems or specific components.

Technical Specification

  • Global design factor: 3
  • Tether diameter: 20mm to 50mm
  • Tether capacity: 300m to 1,000m (dependent upon diameter)
  • TMS dimensions: 2046mm diameter x 2220mm long
  • Gross weight in air: 3 - 4.2 Te including tether
  • Operating depth: 3,000+m
  • Spooling system: 30m / min
  • Design temperature: -20 to +60 degC

Equipment Advantages

  • Compatibility with Subsea Innovation ROV spread
  • SWL Heavy lift system, 15 Te through frame, 10 Te latches, x3 DF
  • High build quality
  • Increased drum core to avoid potential tether damage
  • Lebus core as standard
  • Advanced spooling system
  • Cable management system ensures minimum bend radius
  • Easy maintenance

Optional Extras

  • Tool extension
  • Damping
  • Additional lighting and cameras

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