Passive J-Tube Seals

Passive J-Tube Seals

Passive J-Tube Seals

SISealâ„¢ Passive J-Tube Seals

The SISeal™ ROV Passive J-Tube Seal provides a lower cost alternative to the ROV Activated J-Tube Seal. The purpose of this seal is to provide a permanent seal between an existing j-tube and the newly installed riser / umbilical / cable to provide an annulus which can be treated with corrosion inhibitor and maintain an over pressure.

The seal assembly is preinstalled onto the riser / umbilical on the vessel.  This assembly comprises of a series of high integrity elastomeric sealing elements which seal against the inside of the bellmouth and the outside of the riser / umbilical.

The disadvantage of this system over the ROV Activated Seal is that a re-intervention cannot be performed. Should any unforeseen problem arise and a leak occurs the system cannot be reactivated to achieve a seal.

All SISeal™ assemblies are designed in house and subjected to a factory acceptance test at Subsea Innovation to a client approved procedure. This test is performed on Subsea Innovation’s J-Tube Seal Simulator. A full representation of the bellmouth and riser / umbilical is manufactured and pull-in tests and activation pressures reproduced.

Technical Specification

  • Riser / umbilical diameters: 2” to 36”
  • Bellmouths: 4” to 48”
  • Test pressures: 0 to 10 bar.g
  • Seal material: Tekthane
  • Activation: automatic during riser pull-in
  • Installation onto riser: topside
  •  Installation into bellmouth: automatic during riser pull-in