Diver Installed J-Tube Seal

Diver Installed J-Tube Seals

Diver Installed J-Tube Seals

SISealâ„¢ Diver Installed J-Tube Seals

The SISeal™ Diver Installed J-Tube Seal provides an alternative method of installation into the j-tube. The purpose of this seal is to provide a permanent seal between an existing j-tube and the newly installed riser / umbilical / cable to provide an annulus which can be treated with corrosion inhibitor and maintain an over pressure. This assembly is installed after the riser / umbilical has been pulled into the j-tube.

This assembly comprises of a series of high integrity elastomeric sealing elements which seal against the inside of the bellmouth and the outside of the riser / umbilical. Once the seal is fitted into the j-tube the riser / umbilical is centralised and the final sealing segment is installed. Seal activation and integrity verification test is performed by the diver using equipment supplied by Subsea Innovation.

The seal assembly is fitted with cathodic protection which is designed for the operating lifetime of the assembly.

All SISeal™ assemblies are designed in house and subjected to a factory acceptance test at Subsea Innovation to a client approved procedure. This test is performed on the Subsea Innovation J-Tube Seal Simulator. A full representation of the bellmouth and riser / umbilical is manufactured and pull-in tests and activation pressures reproduced.

Technical Specification

  • Riser / umbilical diameters: 2” to 36”
  • Bellmouths: 4” to 48”
  • Test pressures: 0 to 10 bar.g
  • Seal material: Tekthane
  • Activation: diver
  • Installation onto riser: post installation
  • Installation into bellmouth: post riser riser pull-in