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SIGrip™ Structural Repair Clamps

State of the Art Pipeline Repair and Reinforcement Technologies

The SIGrip™ Pipeline Repair Clamp is available for either diver installed or remote ROV installed applications.

Steel locking collets provide reinforcement to the pipeline by transferring axial loads from the pipeline into the body of the clamp. This gives added structural integrity and removes longitudinal stresses from the damaged section of pipeline.

The Pipeline Repair Clamp can be fitted with dual seals to allow a seal verification test to be performed prior to leaving the workplace. Clamps can be supplied with optional grouting ports.

Design Codes

DNV OS-F101 2007: Submarine Pipeline Systems
DNV-RP-F113: Subsea Pipeline Repair


1/2” NS to 42” NS

Pressure Range

0 - 600 bar.g

Cathodic Protection

Galvalum III anodes sufficient for 25-yr design life


Generally coated to Norsok M501 system number 7 or to suit clients' specification

Long Term storage

Nitrogen filled storage containers available