ROV Installed Clamps

ROV Installed Clamps

ROV Installed Clamps

ROV Installed Clamps

SIClamp™ ROV Installed Clamps

State of the Art Pipeline Repair and Reinforcement Technologies

The Subsea Innovation ROV Installed Clamps are field proven having been installed on many subsea pipelines. The Pipeline Repair Clamp is supplied with a remote hydraulic installation tool which is recovered following subsea installation and can be re-used on various sizes of clamps.

The Pipeline Repair Clamp comprises of machined half shells which house radial and longitudinal seals. The sealing configuration incorporates the unique Subsea Innovation anti-extrusion system. The system is activated remotely by ROV.

There are two alternative activation methods:

SITight™ Tensioner System

The Subsea Innovation patented Tensioner System has been specifically developed for remote applications. The tensioners are operated hydraulically by ROV via integral hotstabs. The system incorporates a unique mechanical locking system to allow hydraulic removal.

SITight™ ROV Torque Tensioner

This system operates on a traditional torquing method with Subsea Innovation’s unique bolt integration system and includes two ROV friendly activation tools. The first tool provides fast acting bolt tensioning. The second tool enables high torque application.

The Pipeline Repair Clamp can be fitted with dual seals to allow a seal verification test to be performed prior to leaving the workplace. Clamps can be supplied with optional grouting ports.

Design Codes

DNV OS-F101 2007: Submarine Pipeline Systems
DNV-RP-F113: Subsea Pipeline Repair

Pipe Dimensions

1/2” NS to 42” NS

Pressure Range

0 - 600 bar.g

Cathodic Protection

Galvalum III anodes sufficient for 25-yr design life


Generally coated to Norsok M501 system number 7 or to suit clients' specification

Long Term Storage

Nitrogen filled storage containers available