Pipeline Recovery Clamps

Pipeline Recovery Clamps

Pipeline Recovery Clamps

SIGrip™ Pipeline Recovery Clamps

Subsea Innovation have an extensive track record in supplying a wide range of Pipeline Recovery Clamps specifically to suit clients' individual project requirements.

The Pipeline Recovery Clamps can be installed subsea by ROV using either hydraulic intervention or alternatively via an ISO 13628-8 class IV torque tool.

Clamp designs vary from split frictional clamps for low axial loads to modules fitted with the SIGrip™ Collet System for increased holding capability.

The clamp module is fitted with the SIGrip™ high integrity Collet System. The collets are energised using a low activation torque and then become self-energising.

Designs are subjected to third party verification and a factory acceptance test that verifies the load holding capability in a test rig that simulates the offshore condition.

Technical Specification

  • Pipeline sizes: up to 20” NS or to suit clients' requirements
  • SWL: up to 700kN
  • Design temperature: -20 to +100 degC
  • System coating: Norsok M501 system no: 7a