Pipeline Connectors

Pipeline Connectors

Pipeline Connectors

Pipeline Connectors

SIGrip™ Pipeline Connectors

The SIGrip™ Flanged Connector can be diver or ROV installed and used for permanent subsea applications.

The connector is easily installed and can be attached to a subsea pipeline in-situ without the need for expensive hyperbaric welding. The connector can also be released, recovered to the surface, and reinstalled without having to cut the pipeline.

The connector is fitted with high integrity locking collets capable of withstanding full end cap line pressure. Each connector is fitted with dual seals to allow a seal verification test to be performed prior to leaving the workplace. Clamps can be supplied with optional grouting ports.

The elastomeric seals are manufactured by Subsea Innovation to a high standard of quality and precision. Sealing solutions can be provided for applications with operating temperatures between -40 degC and +180 degC using elastomeric seals. Higher temperatures can be accommodated using graphite seals.

The seals and locking collets are activated independently which allows adjustment of the sealing pressure without affecting the clamping force. The seals are mounted inboard of the locking collets which prevent contact with the pipeline medium. Connectors can be supplied to suit pipelines up to 36” NS in diameter and up to a pressure rating of ANSI 2500.

All design work is performed in-house by a team of engineers using Autodesk Inventor. Each design of connector is certified by an independent third party authority.

Each SIGrip™ Connector is subjected to a full pressure test to ANSI specification witnessed by the third party certifying authority.


  • Compliant with API 6H
  • Connectors designed in accordance with ASME Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 2
  • NACE MR-017
  • ASME/ANSI B16.5 & B16.47 / MSS SP-44
  • DNV-OS-F101
  • DNV-RP-F113