Model XS-90 LARS

Model XS-90 LARS

Model XS-90 LARS

Quality A-frame and Crane Based LARS

The XS-90 LARS was developed by Subsea Innovation to be easily road transported throughout the world. The build is similar to the XW-90 LARS however the width is increased to 6.2m. The unit is a bolted construction containerised into a 40’ standard offshore spec container. 

Generally the construction of the hydraulically controlled swing frame complete with self fleeting sheave wheel ensures the umbilical is not damaged during high loadings in deep waters. The base frame is strengthened to avoid the need for large seafastening or expensive modifications to vessel decks. Installing all the hydraulic components in a single operating panel makes maintenance extremely easy. The design capacity is 45 Te design (15 Te SWL) @ 30 degrees side load with the possibility of increasing this by hydraulically retracting the boom during operation.

Technical Specification

  • Safe working load (SWL): 15 Te
  • Global design factor: 3
  • Test load: 45 Te
  • Outreach: 4m
  • Skidbase dimensions: 6.2m wide x 8m long
  • Gross weight: 32 Te
  • Telescopic boom extension: 2m
  • Operating envelope: 45 degs inboard / 45 degs outboard
  • Design temperature: -20 to +50 degC

Hydraulic Functions

  • A-frame in / out
  • Boom extension
  • Snubber drive (through axis)
  • Snubber drive (cross axis)
  • Snubber damping (through axis)
  • Snubber damping (cross axis)
  • Latch rotate
  • Failsafe latch assembly

Special Features

  • Bolted construction and containerised
  • Hydraulic self erecting
  • Winch fleet angle compensating sheave
  • Extendible boom for height adjustment, controlled landing and SWL increase
  • Hydraulic tilting of latch/sheave wheel angle for deep water deployment
  • Controlled hydraulic damping of latch head for rough weather
  • All moving points piped to accessible lubrication bulkhead
  • Stainless steel hydraulic fittings throughout

Optional Extras

  • HPU
  • Umbilical ROV winch
  • TMS
  • Radio control
  • Hydraulic gates
  • Snubber walkway
  • Line-out encoders
  • MRU integration
  • Driven sliding pallet

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