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Committed to Responsible Marine Engineering Practices

Subsea Innovation believe that their marine engineering solutions play a major role in protecting the environment, and are committed to helping to develop solutions that make renewable energy systems more resilient.

In areas like pipeline protection it is essential that any leak or pipeline breakage is repaired as quickly as possible to limit any environmental or ecological damage. As part of Subsea Innovation’s duty of care to the environment we believe that no pipeline or cabling system should be installed without adequate protection or without an excellent repair and damage recovery plan.

In essence we believe that in the Oil and Gas industry our products greatly reduce the risk of pollution through pipeline breakage, and that in the offshore renewable energy industry our solutions will help the wind turbines run longer with less maintenance.

Our ongoing commitment to applying the highest standards possible in terms of project and risk management will ensure that our products play an effective role ensuring conventional and renewable energy sources are safely utilised whilst minimizing their impact on the environment.